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"Fuck this first order not letting me paint my armor black, they're racist!" -Finn Finn was a black Stormtrooper. Finn was not a badass black man like Mace Windu or a cool smooth talking black man like Lando Calrissian. Finn was a pacifist Janitor who hated fighting so he ran away from the Stormtroopers... Except he really was not that apposed to violence because he and Poe Dameron shot up a hanger full of Stromtroopers that for all Finn knew felt the same way he did.

He ditched the LAME First Order and joined the kick ass Resistance since he knew he would be more likely to live if he was a good guy. He went on to hate his old Captain, the chrome trooper Phasma and had a short high school relationship with resistance technitian Rose Tico.

Finn and Poe light up a hanger.

Behind The Scenes Edit

Fin defected from the Stormtroopers like how Leia defected from the Imperial Senate.

After the movie was released Samuel L. Jackson actually said "Well, apparently he’s [Finn] got some midi-chlorians of he wouldn’t have been able to turn the fucking lightsaber on." Which may have been a shot at the film for letting a Stormtooper janitor use a lightsaber.