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"Fuck this first order not letting me paint my armor black, they're racist!" -Finn

Finn was a black Stormtrooper. Finn was not a badass black man like Mace Windu or a cool smooth talking black man like Lando Calrissian. Finn was a pacifist Janitor who hated fighting so he ran away from the Stormtroopers... Except he really was not that apposed to violence because he and Poe Dameron shot up a hanger full of Stromtroopers that for all Finn knew felt the same way he did.

Finn and Poe light up a hanger.

Behind The Scenes Edit

Fin defected from the Stormtroopers like how Leia defected from the Imperial Senate.

After the movie was released Samuel L. Jackson actually said "Well, apparently he’s [Finn] got some midi-chlorians of he wouldn’t have been able to turn the fucking lightsaber on." Which may have been a shot at the film for letting a Stormtooper janitor use a lightsaber.

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