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Galactic Empire Fan Club

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A frozen rock with a big lazer ( formally ) The Supremacy

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After the Empire got PWN3D by the Republic.

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More than expected

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Both (They may be evil but they're not sexist!)

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PWN3D the New Republic Death of Luke Skywalker Resistance fleet destroyed


More than they're willing to admit. The destruction of Starkiller Base

"And this day shall be known as the last day of the Republic!

now I need my sippie cup"

―General Armatidge Huxs speech

The Galactic Empire Fan Club, also known as the First Order, was a group of leftover Imperials and emos organized by Snoke into a an anti-Republic terrorist organization. They want to be the Galactic Empire in every way but name, except better. Also they are known to be prejudiced against clones.

The first order took great pride in slaughtering villages of innocent people and blowing up planets because that is what evil organizations do. They used their super weapon Starkiller Base to destroy the New Republic throwing the Galaxy into another Empire VS Rebels scenario.

Disney Canon Edit

They formed in the shadows after the end of the galactic civil war. The New Republic dismissed these First Order politicians in the senate as not being a threat and accused Leia of warmongering when she wanted to investigate the organisation.

This caused Leia to leave the senate and form a paramilitary force, the Resistance. This began the Cold War. The Cold War ended when the first order PWNed the New Republic with their Death Star 3, Starkiller Base. The Resistance got pissed that the New Republic was destroyed and sent a team of X-wings led by Poe Dameron to blow the place up. Kylo killed Han Solo, but Poe fired some laser and Starkiller Base went KABOOM.

They recovered very quickly and their forgettable Capatain blew up the Reistance base, before his ship was blown up by guess who? God dam Poe! These fanboys must really hate that pilot at this point. Making a long story short, he killed Moden Canady and the resistance escaped. Snoke they slammed Hux into the floor. Hux got mad that he took the blame instead of the other ginger officer, who was dead.

The First Order started chasing the Resistance's small fleet at a snails pace with the flagship of the Supreme Leader, The Supremacy and its massive support fleet. In the meantime, Kylo got mad and cut Snokey in half, and then the first order destroyed most the resistance fleet, before Holdo wnet into lightspeed into the fleet, so the resistance fled again. They then escaped the battle of Crait, leaving new Leader Ren mad.

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Kylo Ren

General Hux





Elite Praetorian Gaurd

Seventh Gaurd


Moden Canady

First Order Stormtroopers

First Order TIE Pilots

First Order Stormtrooper Executioner

Machines and Ships Edit

TIE Fighters

Starkiller Base ( destroyed )

First Order Star Destroyers

First Order Transport Ships

Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle

The Finalizer

First Order Siege Dreadnought


The Supremacy

TIE Silencer

First Order AT-AT

First Order AT-MTq