"I can see the future!
Leia and Solo have a kid!
Palpatine is Anakin's dad!
Space pirates kill Chewbacca!
Darth Fanon is actually A'sharad Hett!
The Empire is the strongest in the galaxy but still doesn’t do crap!
―The most common phrase of Force divination users

Force divinitation or That one annoying thing the Psychics do was a force power that makes the user see into the future, while blurting out nonsense like a retard. It was first developed on Sith Planet 419 by the Kanassans, causing the whole race to see the future, but become a whole gaggle of retards blurting out nonsense like, "Darth Elmo commits suicide" and "A black guy becomes a badass". Eventually, the Galactic Senate was fed up, so they ordered the Wookies to destroy their planet, which they did of course. As of today, not one trace of information on this force power has been found... For now

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