Freedons Nadd's were a couple of Dark Side artifacts that were attributed to the late, great Freedon Nadd.

Upon discovering the tomb of Freedon Nadd, a young Sith apprentice named Darth Seedless reached the sarcophagus after playing videogames and puzzles in the adjacent rooms. Opening the sarcophagus he looked upon the mummified corpse of Freedon Nadd. Feeling the raw fury of the Dark Side, the spirit of the former Dark Lord appeared to the young Sith. Asking him what the frak was so important to disturb his rest, the Sith apprentice told the spirit he was looking for Freedon's Nadd's since he had no balls of his own. Freedon's spirit laughed at the boy and told him he had come too late for the artifacts, as Sesame Street raided the tomb earlier and Cookie Monster ate the balls out of anger for finding no cookie's in the tomb. Darth Seedles cried his sissy heart out afterwards and swore revenge upon the galaxy.

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