―Nadd gets angsty
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Freedon Nadd was a Naddsty Jedi wannabe who became a Sith Lord after his teacher told him to grow up and stop being a pussy. This was particularly galling to Nadd, whose Master happened to be a woman, so he killed her. He then used his gnarly Sith powers to take over the planet of Onderon, subjugating the people with ludicrous ease. He eventually shriveled up and died of old age, and was buried along with his nadds in Iziz City.

Several hundred years later, his body was dug up by necrophiliacs Nadd-worshiping maniacs, who proceeded to revolt against the king and queen, thinking that Nadd's Force ghost would then bring them power. The Jedi Order was asked to intervene, which they did, PWNing the rebels and having Nadd's remains reburied on Dxun, encased in a tomb made of solid beskar. During the First Jedi Purge, the Jedi Exile invaded the tomb, killed all the Sith there, and stole Nadd's nadds, his blaster, and special short lightsaber. She then had those items tossed into the Onderonian sun.

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