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"Frodo 1379 Sweatstone Drive, Dildo Caverns, Tatooine. We should visit him sometime"
Yoda talking to Yaddle

Frodo was the younger brother of Yoda, which means he was really really old and also a Frog (one of the few). Originally named Froda (to rhyme with Yoda) he eventually changed his name cause he thought Froda was too feminine.


Life in the Real WorldEdit

Frodo was very close to his brother. He was supposed to be best man at Yoda's wedding to Yaddle (Yoda's son, Kermit, was disqualified for being Evil). He was supposed to carry the Ring and everything. But this was all rendered useless because Yaddle ran away with another man.

Frodo then decided to give Yoda a bachelor party anyway to cheer him up. This bomb cause ultimately it was only a whole bunch of guys that showed up. It was held at club Rivendell and Yoda predicted it would be lame and never even showed up. In the end Frodo and eight other friends of his formed a Fellowship dedicated to keeping the memory of Yoda's happiness alive and roaming the Galaxy getting drunk in his honour. This fellowship included:

  1. Alf the Gand - A famed fireworks manufacturer
  2. Sar Aragorn - Son of Sar Agorn. Famous for wielding 'the sword that was broken' and being married to Loreena Bobbit.
  3. Lego Lass - Boba Fett's evil twin sister from Lego Star Wars. She was also a Fangirl favorite.
  4. Gimly - A vertically challenged Wookiee who dated Lego Lass
  5. BorrowMir - A SpaceStation steward who fell to the darkside and got pwned.
  6. Palpin - A Frog.
  7. Merry - A Mandalorian Frog.
  8. Samwise Gamorrean- Frodo's bicurious Gamorrean gardener

Life in the Realm of Fantasy GeeksEdit

Eventually the members of the Fellowship parted ways one by one, leaving Frodo to roam the Galaxy alone with his bicurious gardener Sam Gamorrean, desperately clutching on to Yoda's wedding ringing. He accidentally wandered into the Fantasy Geek Realm created by the Elder Sith Darth Tolkein, and ruled by Darth Lucas' younger brother Darth Jaxon. Frodo spent years here trying to avoid the sexual advances of Sauron, Dark Lord of the Fantasy Geek Realm (who 'wanted Frodo's ring') until finally he had his ring finger bitten off by a mangy Ewok named Gollum.

Later DaysEdit

Freed of his guilt over Yoda and Yaddle's break up, Frodo eventually retired from life as a traveller, hitched a ride on a spaceship bound for the Twi'lek home world with Alf the Gand and lived a sweet afterlife of half-crazed meaningless sex.

This article is called Frodo. Frodo has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Frodo can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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