Galatic Republic Chancery Election, 32 BBY

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 The Galatic Republic Chancery Election of 32 BBy, also known as how good ol' Palpay got elected Chancellor. Believe it or not, he also got re-elected in 28 BBY, and re-elected again in 24 BBY, and again in 20 BBY, then he became Empreror. So, this is where all the shit went down


Palapy woke up one morining and decided he wanted to be Chancellor of The Republic, and so he did. But, had to run for it, and he faced some stiff competition. He faced Chancellor Valorum, the Incumbent, who was running for a thrid term [ dicator], some popular seantor named Bail Antillies and some other guy named Ainlee Teem. Valoruam was loosing support, so it made the other 3 guys look good. Alot of people also didn't like Valoruam, and after Queen Amadialia's famous speech, it made Papatine the early frontrunner.

The RaceEdit

With good ol' Palpay in the lead, he just needed to fight off the other 3 guys, and he was able to do that for pretty much most of the race. The only guy he took serious was Bail Antillies. At the end of the race, the race narrowed, Palpay didn't know if he would win. But in the deabtes, Papaly did good, and he held the lead till Election Night

The Election- Palpatine WinsEdit

On Election Night, Out of the 1,173 Votes need to win out of the  2.347 votes, Papatine got  1,191 [  50.7%] Votes, Bail Antilies got  1,003 [ 42.7 %] Votes,  Ainlee Teem got 149 [ 6.3%] Votes, Valourm got 4 [ 1.7%] Yeah, Palpay won pretty big.

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