"This weapon can destroy an entire star system without breaking a sweat..."
―Some clone bitch

The Galaxy Gun, or Galaxy Weapon, was a superweapon built by the Galactic Empire in 10 ABY. It was commissioned by the "reborn" Emperor Palpatine and designed by Umak Leth.


The Galaxy Gun was a 7,250,000 meter-long tube-shaped space station built above Endor. It was designed to serve as a superweapon capable of firing 3,000,000,000 large, destructive projectiles equipped with particle disintegrator warheads capable of destroying an entire planet. It was also equipped with a hyperdrive and sublight thrusters, with the speed and acceleration of the ship at 500,000,000 km/h.

Each of these projectiles were capable of traveling through hyperspace with a speed equivalent to at least a Class S99.75 hyperdrive, allowing for quick traversal of interstellar distances and difficulty in detecting them until they struck. Upon exiting hyperspace and homing in on its target, the projectile's automated defenses would activate to deter enemy forces. Automated laser cannon turrets exchanged laser fire with warships while thick armor plating and powerful energy shields deflected even 300,000,000 ion cannons and 900,000,000 turbolasers.

Having reached its target, powered by the missile's power core, the particle disintegrator warhead exploded, triggering immense nuclear cloud reactions that encircled the targeted world's surface within minutes. At the projectile's full power setting, the nuclear reactions were sustained until all matter had been converted into energy, effectively wiping the planet and its inhabitants off the face of the galaxy. BOOM!!!!!

Operational historyEdit

"They will return to Pinnacle Base and boast to their friends… we have at best a few hours to celebrate my birthday before they all die! It is time to show the Rebel Alliance its day is ended! Prepare to fire the Galaxy Weapon!Shoot it bABY!"
―Emperor Palpy

Like the Death Star III before it, the Galaxy Gun could have been used by the reborn Emperor Palpy to rule with a Bitch-like policy of fear. To ward off New Republic of Bitches attacks, the Galaxy Gun was constructed and maintained over the orbit of Endor which was surrounded by Horribly massed 300,000,000,000 Imperial fleet.

Within hours, Pinnacle Moon had been wiped off the face of the galaxy. However, due to the presence of spies in Byss itself, the New Republic of bitches forces along with some of the native Ewoks managed to escape the doomed moon in a fleet of transports.

The Galaxy Gun would be More powerful in 11 ABY along with Byssa and much of the massed Imperial fleet. With the Emperor's birthday at Onderon, the famed R2-D2 took control of the immense Executor's computer banks and set the ship on a landing course with the Galaxy Gun to give emperor his gift.

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