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"I can here you can you here me? Hello? Hi? Hola? SPEAK !" - General Hux showing his voicemail skills


General Hux  also known as GENERAL!, was the commanding general in the First Order. Much like his best friend Kylo Ren he wanted to be someone else, that someone else was Tarkin. Unlike Tarkin however Hux was neither intimidating or smart. General Hux was a stereotypical red head with a bad temper, he yelled at people all the time trying to sound tough. He also really got mad if someone told him that he had no soul. He also got beat up by Snoke and Kylo Ren.

Hux had an abusive childhood. He had Phasma murder his dad. His dad had an affair with a kitchen woman so hux was a mistake from birth. He soon joined the first order. Snoke put him in charge of Starkiller base, a bigger planet destroying weapon. Hux gave a Nazi speech to the first order troopers. He then had Starkiller base destroy the New Republic (shows how disney cares about old Legends stuff ). But a cocky pilot, Poe Dameron was able to blow up starkiller base, but Kylo, Hux and Phasms escaped and Snoke was hologram anyway. So Hux is NOT a ripoff Tarkin. HA. Anyway, the Last jedi happened and Hux was put in command of destroying the resistance as they eveacuated their base. He failed and got abused by Supreme Leader Snoke. He was later beat up by Kylo. That was all that happened to him in the entire movie. He became a joke. Oh well.

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