"Humansssss...taste like gizka..."
―A Trandoshan merc

The gizka was a reptilian pan-galactic pest that could be found on most planets from Dantooine to Lehon. A highly-adaptive and intuitive creature, the typical gizka could hide almost anywhere, and were sometimes thought to be born pregnant. They were considered a delicacy among Trandoshans; even Sith Lords liked to snack on them, though they would never admit it for fear of getting laughed out of the Order.

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During the Jedi Civil War, Darth Revan became the victim of a "free box of gizka" prank while visiting Tatooine. Soon, the Ebon Hawk was crawling with the pestilential creatures, and it wasn't until the gang arrived at Manaan that Revan was able to get rid of them, which he did by using a mind trick on a Selkath merchant. Darth Sturbed was rumored to have bitten the head off of a gizka during a live performance, while <insert name here> had a ten-meter terrarium constructed to house a number of them while attempting to train a Gizka Circus.

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