The Gonkersons at a family get-together at the lake

The Gonkerson family were a tightly knit family of Gonk droids living in a pleasant suburb on Corellia. Rob Gonkerson, the hard-working but emotionally distant father Gonk, worked at a local cheese factory, powering the cheese moulds and pasteurizing equipment. His wife of 30 years, Helen Gonkerson, volunteered at the local Cult of the Power Droids church, accompanying droids on field trips to the Coronet City Dells and Lake Wakamataka. The two stoic Gonk droids were mild mannered and did not show affection in public.

In the summer, the Gonkersons threw backyard barbecues every weekend. The whole neighborhood was invited. Rob was especially proud of his buffalo wings. Helen's potato salad was always a big hit. In the autumn Rob's coworkers stopped by to watch the big game, bringing beer and nachos. Helen often used this as an opportunity to go shopping for hats.


Barb Gonkerson, the funny one

The two Gonk droids had three wonderful children: Tom, Bridget, and Barb. Tom Gonkerson played on the local football team, the Fighting Gonks. Bridget and Barb hoped one day to work in a salon, powering hairstyling equipment. Bridget Gonkerson was the sensible one, whereas Barb Gonkerson was flighty and irresponsible, but also the class cut-up in her Gonk school.

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