"We...are...fa-amily! I've got all my sisters with me!"
―Darth Lucas

The Great Sith Family were a group of Sith who came to prominence around 4,000 ABY. Founded by Darth Lucas, they sought to unite the Sith, and to end the centuries long power struggle between the Sith and the Jedi. Breaking the rule of one, Darth Lucas set up The Rule of As Many As Want To Be A Dark Lord of the Sith, As Long As Everyone Is Happy, which led to 16 Dark Lords of the Sith collectively ruling the Great Sith Family. With headquarters on Naboo and the newly reconstructed Alderaan, the Great Sith Family were responsible for the healing of cancer, aids and gingivitis in the Galaxy.

Although the family consisted of sixteen members, some had more authority than others. Darth Lucas was the man of the house, while Darth Obvious and Darth Darth Binks acted as the oldest brothers. Darth Wyyrlok MMXXXVII was the granddad, while Darth Teapot provided the family with hot, Sithly tea whenever they craved it.

In the end, the Great Sith Family's supportive, caring nature was their undoing, as an over friendly game of Hungry Hungry Hippos left the majority of the family dead. After God finished the purge of Sith, no members of The family were alive.

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