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Funky munkii
Flag of Chameleon...Karmen...Kevin...Crapper Jai Sheelal...OK, Grievous' Planet

Western, but not hick


Sector Seven with all them Twansfoamas and Turturro


The Circle of Life


The Sun, duh!


Uh, the moon, duh!


A535! Pain is relieved on this planet!

Distance from Core

Far far away

Rotation period

a day long, dumbass!

Orbital period

half a day


Class of '85


do I look like Pythagoras?


like air?


volcanos and stuff


the same as Earth

Primary terrain

made for Chevys

Surface water

the water has been absorbed by the lava

Points of interest


Native species


Immigrated species


Official language

latin, Chinky, inglesh


over 2

Major cities

Shanghai, Grievonosis

Major imports


Major exports

blue milk


Grievous, now isn't that grievous info, he he he

General Grievous' Planet was a planet created by Grievous in a failed desperate attempt to be cool by reversing everything. Its government was communist for a short time, but soon became a monarchy under King Grievous. Alternate versions of many Darths were created to be the opposite of their counterparts (making them lameos). Little did Grievous know, he was also a lameo, constantly being hunted by his cool counterpart--Darth Grievous. His constant obsession with becoming equal to the other Grievous eventually led to the downfall of his empire. The organisation that led the planet was called the Grievous Campaign.

Grievous' Epiphany Edit

Before the creation of Grievous' Planet, Grievous was seemingly killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi. About three days later, he awoke, finding himself drugged into thinking he died. In reality, he had fought Obi-Buns, won, and pushed him off the cliff (though not killing him). A celebration of his victory resulted in he and Heath Ledger ODing on sleeping pills. Ledger passed away, but not Grievous, for due to him not having a mouth couldn't have eaten any anyway, proving that all of the above is a load of shit. Anyway, if I ruined your childhood by saying that Santa was a load of shit, then suck it up! Now, back to the story. Grievous realized that he got stoned even when it was impossible, making it clear to him that he really sucked at life. He decided to end his life then and there, but then remembered that at least he was not gay, meaning that he had not yet accomplished every straight male's life's dream. It became clear that he had to change to fit the universe...or change the universe to fit him. Now that's just grievous!

Seeking Advice Edit

Main Article: Grievous Conflict of Geonosis

Darth Darth Binks was the top Sith, so naturally, Grievous decided to start there. If that didn't work, he could always contact Palpy, the second highest Sith, or maybe Dookie (but he didn't like other vampires). Darth Darth Binks scoffed Grievous' stupid idea, telling him, "Meesa gonna laugh my fucking Jamaican head off at yo stoopid ideeas." Binks told him to go to Geonosis where Darth Grievous resided.

General Grievous battles Darth Grievous on Geonosis. Oh the irony!

He instructed him to fight him so he could "see heem whip yo sowwy wittle assole!" Grievous quickly departed, and to his (and everyone else's with brains and some with none's) surprise, the lame Grievous won, collecting Darth Grievous' four red lightsabers. Binks was pleased, and with Sith shit techniques, created an alternate universe where all the awesome dudes sucked. It was the beginning of a new empire...of chaos. And not to mention, Darth Grievous wanted revenge.

Discovery Edit

Grievous ventured to his new world. What beheld him was insanely ironic.

Establishing a Government Edit

Grievous wanted to hold up his planet, so he made the awesomest inhabitants a government under him, King Grievous. The government consisted of:

This article is called Grievous' Planet. Grievous' Planet has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Grievous' Planet can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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