Hera during her days in Nar Shaddaa.

Hera Syndulla is the Twi'lek pilot of the rebels crew. Prior to joining the rebels Hera was a drug addict stripper in a club on Nar Shadada, one day she stole some perverted pilots ship which is now the ship of the rebels. She has no combat skills to contribute. Her skills as a pilot are mediocre at best. Hera is responsible for several crashes of the rebels ship but they still don't want to get rid of her because she has relations with the males (Ezra Bridger doesn't count as male). Once mercenearies kyle Katarn and Jan Ors were hired to shoot them down, they of course accomplished this easily but somehow the entire crew lived.

Hera snorting up some Spice!

Ravensclaw - Copy

The Raven's Claw shooting down the rebels.

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