Hey man, peace and love and the Force and redemption whooooooohooooooo--AAAAAAAGHGHGHGH

Hippies were extremely strange and disturbing creatures who spent most of their time hanging around in parks, sniffing spice, smoking weed in the forest, pounding on drums, strumming guitars, blaming people for being lazy and inactive but actually doing nothing themselves promoting awareness of government corruption, smoking weed on the beach, forgetting to shave, or brutally killing anyone who denounced pacifism and love. Tyber Zann was a hippie, and Luke Skywalker possibly also.

The Jedi Edit

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Most of the Jedi were also known to have been hippies. They believed in an all powerful "Force" which connected everything together, though many spiceheads and greenies had claimed to develop the same world view through the use of hallucinogenic drugs. A theory that may possibly explain the Jedi belief system is that every single Jedi was high, all the time. Another theory is that they came to believe such idiocy through their genocidal schizophrenia, which would explain why so much they do is, quite literally, stupid.

Social Repercussions of Hippies Edit

A common side-effect of the hippie movement was for anyone who came into contact with one to feel an utter and overwhelming sensation of violent hatred, which would cause him or her to beat the hippie senseless until the creature was nothing more than a smoking pile of hot weed. There were no exceptions to this rule, unless you're a hippie too, in which case God save your soul.

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