Hotdog Fingers is a very serious disease that affects any person who consumes a large amount of hot dogs on either their birthday, or on Friday the Thirteenth.

Symptoms Edit

  1. Stomach feels bloated.
  2. Skin becomes waxy from the elbow down to the fingers.
  3. The skin of your fingers begins to turn an unnatural pinkish-orange.
  4. You feel a sudden urge to stick your hands in things like large buckets of ketchup or relish.
  5. You feel the need to lie your hands neatly upon a bed of bread, and lettuce.
  6. You have a sudden realization that you should enjoy yourself with your friends, or at a barbeque.
  7. Your hands are eaten, and you die from the grief of being out of hotdogs, and out of hands.

How this Disease Spreads Edit

There is three ways to spread this disease.

  1. Through sexual contact with any human, or creature who is wearing a jester hat.
  2. By biting someone's earlobe on the sunset of a full moon in September.
  3. By sneezing.

Cure Edit

The only two known cures to this disease, are either to create a life sized statue of yourself with hot dogs, or any sort of sausage like meats. The only other way to cure yourself of this disease is to eat someone elses hotdog fingers, while watching the office.

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