The iStar was a super weapon of the Macintosh Empire. It was extremely expensive piece of junk. The iStar could destroy a planet by playing only one disco song, which scared all inhabitants to death. It is said that this kind of death can be compared to the most terrible Wookiee-Nookie, but this information hasn't been confirmed, because there are no people who survived both of these ways to die. In the end the sonic field causes the planet core to crush and/or explode.

The DesignEdit

The iStar looked exactly like an iPod. But it was thousands times bigger and had better earphones. And there was a new one every year. And each new one costed $40 more then the previous one.

The LegacyEdit

A great legacy of the iStar is the iComlink, which is as strong as the iStar, but you can also watch your favourite soap operas. The Macintosh Empire knew the powah of this all-new function (that made the iComlink favoured by both the Jedi and the Sith).

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