"I've got my ion you."
―Ion gunner

The ion cannon was a multi-scale weapon which could be fitted, in varying sizes and power levels, to just about any kind of starship, from small starfighters to the largest capital-class warships and space stations. Small-scale ion cannons were also used by various military organizations and/or criminals.


The principles behind ion cannon technology were too complex to explain to the average citizen of the galaxy, particularly <insert name here>. Suffice to say, such weapons allowed non Force-sensitive beings to harness the power of Force lightning. While ion cannons did little to no damage to organic beings, they were extremely effective in shutting down the electrical systems of any type of machine or mechanism that the beam came into contact with.


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Primitive ion cannons were used by Jawas as aids to the illegal procurement of technology, typically things such as droids or small vehicles, which they would then repair or rebuild and, as often as not, sell it back to whomever they had stolen it from. Pirates also prized ion cannons for the booty they yielded during raids.

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