250px-Jabbas Palace

Jabba's Palace was the home of Jabba the Hutt and his evil minions. It is where Jabba would manage his criminal activities, and where he would receive shipments of his valuable pornography spice.


The castle in question was located on Tatooine, not far from a demonic creature known as the Sarlacc.

It was where Jabba lived, and where his evil goons would reside as well.

The reason why Jabba lived there was because Tatooine was sandy, and he enjoyed taking trips to the beach.

Palace InteriorEdit

The castle in question was always filled with Jabba's goons, meaning that no enemy of Jabba would survive long in there.

Jabba usually sat on a throne in the castle, along with his sexy slave girls, which he did kinky things to every 15 minutes.

It was also filled with nasty traps. There were trapdoors that would make people fall into a pit, where the nasty Rancor resided. Usually, they died within a minute or two...

Notable ResidentsEdit

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