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EndofABY, Disneys office of hell

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1.49 m

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Jaina Solo was a rock star Jedi who wrote and performed the smash hit "I'm Never Flying with you Again" and "My Brother is a Sith". She followed up with the hits "We're So Over You" and "We're just Friends" with semi famous Zekk and the Kilikets.

She also had many appearances in hentais, and she kriffed herself through the whole damn galaxy.

Twin BrotherEdit

Her twin brother Jacen Solo tricked her into singing low alto during the first Dark Nest concert. She vowed never to sing with him again, and came up with the hit "I'm Never Flying with you Again", keeping with her flying theme that she loved. Fortunately, she eventually achieved revenge, killing Jacen (now known as Darth Coo-Coodus) with her Mandalorian Army knife. This act, as it eliminated a very boring and pitiful villain, catapulted her into stardom, and she quickly became the richest of all the Jedi. However, she was soon dismissed from the Jedi Order after a number of scandals, including a photo of her hanging topless out of a limo, another one of her smoking crack, and a video recording from R2-D2 of her incestuous relationship with her brother - which led to the last scandal that happened nine months later. Her career went nova after she performed the flop "Makin' Sweet Love In a Sith Meditation Sphere", and her autobiography "If I Did My Brother, This Is How I Would Have Done Him" failed to revive it. Eventually she committed suicide by blowing herself out an airlock...or so we'd hoped..............

Anyway she jumped in some vortex and was never seen again. Except when her corpse came back out in EndOfABY. What a shock..... Disney killed her, along with all other people in the EU.

Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Jaina Solo.

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