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This article is about the kid that annoyed nearly as many Star Wars fans as Jar Jar Binks did. You may be looking for Darth tom.
Jake Lloyd
Biographical information

Immaculate (According to his mother)


Will be made known after Natalie Portman's court case against him



Physical description


Star Wars work


"Are you a... Hmm, what comes next? Um... uh... ANGEL!!! Are you an angel? Heh heh, that'll have to work! Jakey Lloyd is getting all the poontang tonight."
―Jake Lloyd, inventing the world-wide sensation that is "Are you an angel?"

Jake Lloyd, also known as "that dude that played Little Orphan Annie" by his stoner buddies, is perhaps the most influential Star Wars actor in the entire Science Fiction society. Hailed as being the king of Sci-Fi movies, Jake Lloyd's extensive career in acting includes working on such films as Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Jingle All the Way, Madison and Unhook the Stars. In fact, those four films previously mentioned are the only ones lucky enough to have ever cast Jake Lloyd, so kudos to them.

In his spare time, Lloyd enjoys spelunking, base-jumping, producing various Star Wars fan-films he considers to be "above canon" and administrating SWFanon. Can you guess which administrator he is? Here's a hint: He was the guy that mopped up the goat urine after the Third Wiki Awards.

Quotes about Jake LloydEdit

"Jake Lloyd is like a Slinky — not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see him tumble down the stairs."
―Jake Lloyd's mother
"Jae es dah awesomest guy in da whole wor! Ay wiss he was my son!"
―Arnold Schwarzenegger on Lloyd's performance in Jingle All the Way
―Random Star Wars nerd upon being asked his opinion of Jake Lloyd
"He tried to cop a feel off me one time. I wanted to smack him upside the head but I felt so bad about his condition, I let him continue."
―Natalie Portman on Jake Lloyd
"At approximately 8:13 PM last night, Mr. Lloyd was escorted out of the studio, the reason for which was because he angered George Lucas. No charges will be pressed for now. Giddy fanboys may be rest assured that the production of The Phantom Menace will most certainly not be halted at the time being and the character of Anakin Skywalker will instead be replaced by a groundbreaking CG model of Jake Lloyd."
―Rick McCallum at a press conference

Jake Lloyd smacking a Twi'lek's ass during a Star Wars convention

Behind the scenesEdit

Jake Lloyd: "So, uh, Natalie... Are you avai—"
Natalie Portman: "No."
Jake Lloyd: "DAMN!"
— Jake Lloyd being Jake Lloyd[src]

Quite often disputed by his fan(s), Jake Lloyd may in fact be Warwick Davis.


Surrounded by his many fans, Jake Lloyd signs as many autographs as he possibly can.


Jake Lloyd auditioning for Episode 1.

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