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3988 BBY

Physical description

Arkanian offshoot/Sephi



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Chronological and political information

Old Republic era

Known masters

Zayne Carrick

Jarael (born Edessa) was a large-breasted Rivendell elf Arkanian offshoot exile who hung around with Zayne Carrick. Her breasts got larger every second. If you looked carefully, and most people did, you could actually see them expanding. She normally fought with a shockstaff, but if disarmed, she could use her breasts in a form of combat she called boobusho.

Her early life was spent working for "The Crucible," a slaver organization, under the stern and kinky supervision of Zeltron trainer Chantique. Jarael captured slaves by smothering them with her breasts. (Most of the slaves went quite willingly after that.) She eventually escaped and fled to Taris, where she met up with Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph and became their traveling companion, bodyguard, and eye candy. Zayne became quite adept at coming up with excuses to kiss her, ostensibly as part of some complicated con scheme.

Like all people of galactic importance, she had Force powers. Most of the midi-chlorians in her body clustered around her mammary glands. Demagol was a crazy stalker of hers with a midi-chlorian fetish.


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