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Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Jawa.
"Me like Jawas. They make yummy drink."
―A five-year-old, about Jawas
Jawas were small, sentient creatures, native to Tatooine, who went around selling old junk, broken-down
Star wars garden jawa
cars, and used condoms. Jawa juice was made from the crushed, ground, and pulverized remains of these beings. They had no hearts or souls, but made funny little sounds when you shot them, hit them, burned them, or destroyed their planet (which unfortunately never happened...for now...). They were also known for being very hard workers; their Labour Union Code was well known throughout the galaxy, and was abused by many Hutt crime lords, Sith Lords, and other evil people. They thrive on hatred and prejudice. They are the most evil beings in their world. Fortunately, they're harmless- except when they turn into werewolves. Then everyone is screwed. They also make LOL Cats. the first jawas came about in 2012 dureing the London Olympics, whilst being in small numbers the jawas started to
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so thats why they wear hoods.

steal,rape and burn everything in sight. then yesterday, they suddenly dissapered, they were transported to the planet of Jawatopia. whilst they were there they quickly multiplied with beavers witch ressulted in horrible mutations.the piccture on the left shows their horrorfying facial features. later on in life the jawas spread out into the universe, many traveled to the planet tantooine were they went on a killing all rancors they could see, eventualy they got bored and decided to start a living as sales pepole selling droids, slaves and dildos.

behold the almighty constipator.

some jawa attempted to start work as exotic dancers but were all shot so then they decided to be pimps, were they kidnapped young girls like Ashoka tano and sold them to the hutt's.

quite recently it has been discoverd that there is a jawa god named agadort the constipator, who appears every six years for six months, were he destroys six planets, those who apose him end up like ashoka tano .

Albino Jawas were said to be blue.

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