This article is about a Human male named Jax Pavan who lived on Coruscant. You may be looking for one of the 582,797,753 others.

Jax Pavan was one of the 582,797,754 Human males named Jax Pavan on Coruscant. His nickname is Darthroom Jax, because he seldom ventures out of his little dark room. About ten months after he ordered HoloNet a technican promptly appeared and installed his access in virtually no time. About two months later, after an enormous battle with the service komline, his access actually started to work. He soon found something, that kept him fascinated him till his end. He just wanted to try out this Yards of Yoda MMORPG and has not been able to leave his room ever since. As most disciples of the Darthroom cult, his skin turned pale and his body turned enormous due to lack of sun and movement.

Darthroom Jax died in his little dark room, as his access to the HoloNet did not work for a week and hence he was not able to order Fast Food

This article is called Jax Pavan 36,792,121. Jax Pavan 36,792,121 has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Jax Pavan 36,792,121 can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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