"Do I owe you Money?"
―Ki Adi Mundi's last words
Ki-Adi Mundi's Skull
Biographical information



92 BBY


19 BBY, Mygeeto

Physical description





1.98 meters including cone

Hair color


Eye color


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Rise of the Empire Era

Known masters
Known apprentices
"If I did not fear incarceration from Imperial authority figures, I would terminate your life functions by applying sufficient pressure to your blunt skull so as to force its collapse!"

Ki-Adi-Mundi, also known as The Conehead, Whale-Face, Carrothead, Dickhead, That guy who just bumped his head on the door frame, and That Big-Pointy-Headed Geezer, was a Jedi Master during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. Well, actually, he was only a Jedi Knight, but kept that quiet so he could get a comfy seat on the Jedi High Council. Generally, his only notable contributions to Council sessions were so boring, the droid tasked with taking the minutes shut down its internal systems in an attempt to end its miserable existence.

Indeed, the only notable action Ki-Adi-Mundi was known for was to give the Galactic Marines their bad-assed image by getting owned by them. As testament to Ki-Adi's skill, one of them even managed to dodge his deflected blaster shot. The poor conehead: all that wasted space up there. To be fair, Ki-Adi was temporarily distracted by Commander Bacara's fabulous sequined skirt and gaudy jewelry at the time.

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