"The Kind are innocent! The Chiss did it!"
―War cry of the Killiks and their mind-slaves

The Killiks, also known as Buggers by the International Fleet and The Kind by their zombie worshipers, were a species of hive-minded insects who had managed to escape from their homeworld before Ender Wiggin destroyed it. They had an obsession with palindromes, giving names like Gorog, Taat, and Saippuakivikauppias to their hives.
Much of Killik technology was captured or reverse engineered from the Wraith.


The Killiks claim to have built Centerpoint Station, the Death Star, the Sun Crusher, and the Galaxy Gun a long time ago, but the truth of these assertions are still being looked into.
They were peacefully clueless until their hives were taken over by Sarah Kerrigan Raynar Thul and some Dark Jedi, making them evil and aggressive. But of course, the bugs themselves were innocent victims throughout the Jedi diplomacy faux pas and the war that followed. Jaina Solo and Alema Rar, famous bugsluts, helpfully remind us of this, even when the buggers' larvae are feasting on still-living prisoners and Mara Jade Skywalker. Or even when they're trying to shoot down the Falcon with thousands of dartships or charging from all directions at other main characters with the intention of tearing them from limb to limb.

On the other hand, the Chiss are a sinister, power-hungry bunch of meanies, complete with evil glowing red eyes, who want to stop the buggers from mind-controlling the galaxy exploit the Killiks and destroy their nests for no good reason. So yeah, lots of folks got real dead real nastily in that conflict.


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