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"Take your kolto, son, so you can grow up to be a big strong man and fight the Mandalorians!"
―Some mother to her young son

Kolto was a healing seltzer and vitamin supplement that occurred naturally within the global oceans of Manaan. In the millennia before the discovery of Thyferra and the bacta originally produced there, it was used as a panacea by nearly every civilized nation-state in the galaxy. Except the Mandalorians, but then, they're not exactly civilized.

The trade in kolto made the planet extremely wealthy. During the Jedi Civil War, both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire maintained embassies on Manaan, in order to buy kolto from the native Selkath. As the fishy folk insisted on maintaining strict neutrality in the war despite the obvious evil intent of the Sith, the two factions maintained a sort of "cold war", using proxies such as Revan's gang and various nonaligned mercenaries, with the intent of either getting one faction banned from the planet and any further kolto exports, or to outright conquer the place.

After Thyferran bacta came into common usage, however, Manaan and the Selkath were largely forgotten...for now.

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