"Oh my you have such wonderful...ehrm...eyes."
"All that talk of boobs, evil nipples, and breastfeeding – sorry, you don't get any more Sith than that."
―Atton Rand.
Kreia's boobs were the worst things you could see in the galaxy. They're wrinkled up and old, and they'll kill you with their looks. Not in the good way, either.
Kreia's Boob


It is speculated that, with the right augmentation, one could use one of Kreia's boobs in a lightsaber.

If Kreia were to run by, her boobs would flap in the wind. Also, with the right weapons, Kreia's boobs can destroy a planet.


Are we actually going to discuss how Kreia's boobs were made? I mean, everyone knows what happens when a girl is 9-12 years of age.


Kreia had many adventures involving her boobs. On the Harbanger, for example, she killed many sith assassins with her boobs, and Darth Sion ended up cutting one of her nipples off.

On Telos, Kreia attempted to have sex with Lt. Dol Grenn, and ended up giving him a stroke with her boobs. As a result, Kreia avoided having sex for a long time.

On Nar Shadada, Kreia forced Hanharr to work for the exile, or she'd show him her boobs. And trust me, Hanharr did not want to see Kreia's boobs.

On Dantooine, she gave Vrook pictures of her boobs rather than the real things.

On Onderon, Kreia forced Tobin, like Hanharr, to obey to her, or she'd show him her boobs.

On Korriban, Kreia used boob telepathy to reach the Exile.

On Malachor V, Kreia revealed the dark side version of her boobs to the Exile.


Kreia's boobs were destroyed in the middle of a battle, when she used Force speed and they tore off. Everyone on the battlefield (except Kreia) saw the flying boobs and died on the spot.


"Fuck, Kreia, PUT THOSE AWAY!"
―The Exile.

Kreia had many uses for her boobs, from trying to kill Atton to breastfeeding someone else's baby. Kreia attempted to use her boobs in a lightsaber, and it worked, cutting down hundreds of sith in under three seconds.

"Yes! YES! I feel the power going through me!"
―Kreia, generating Force energy with her boobs

Kreia learned how to use her boobs to make Force energy. She then moved on to fight with her boobs, using them to Force choke, Force melt, and Force push her enemies. Kreia continued this for awhile, also using her boobs to drain the life (and color) out of people.

After awhile, Kreia learned that her boobs weren't generating Force energy, and it was just her boobs causing all of the harm.

Kreia could often detach her boobs and use them in telepathic boob combat.

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