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"Woop whee waa whoo, beewoop deeoo wa wa."
―A Kubaz greeting

Kubaz were aliens with a long proboscis that looked a bit like a Rodian that got its snout stuck in a revolving door. The Kubaz, though, differed in that they wore goggles, were shifty, and they loved to eat insects. Any kind of insect. Verpine, Vratix, Gand, Killik, anything. If it had compound eyes and an exoskeleton, the Kubaz would eat it. Sentience be damned, insects were healthier than a bantha burger, packed with protein and had a taste that just couldn't be beat.

Many Kubaz had planned to capture and sauté Karina the Great, but were disappointed when her temple collapsed and thus flattened the potential feast.

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