"Aargh! You don't understand me Dad! Snoke gets it, he lets me be a Vader fanboy, why don't you! I hate You!"

"Look son, if you don't shut up, your spending the night in carbonite"

"Han, that's a little far, maybe just send him to his room"

"Shut up Mom! I hope you get sucked into space and turn into Mary Poppins!""

―The Solo family dinner

Kylo Ren, also known as Ben Solo, Ben Swolo, Crylo Ren, and that Emo Bastard, was a Darth Vader fanboy, the emo son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, a force sensitive, the former apprentice of Luke Skywalker and apprentice of Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order. He used a rare Crossgaurd Lightsaber so it could be sold as toys so Lord Disney could make quick cash. Ren is prone to hissy fits, and has a love/hate relationship with General Hux. Oof.

Biography Edit

Ben Solo was born after Han Solo and Leia Organa got drunk one evening while at the annual We Blew Up The Death Star Twice! Party on Endor. Nine months later, Ben was born. Luke Skywalker came to visit and learned he wa force sensitive, so he was given Ben to train.

At some point, Ben became obsessed with his grandfather, Darth Vader and even got his charred half melted helmet from Endor. He then met Snoke who turned him to the dark side, made him emo a star hell and secretly inducted him into The First Order. Now Kylo Ren, he got pissed with his parents, got pissed with Luke, and killed all his other Jedi students and burnt his Jedi school down. Snoke then gave him cookies and cream for his efforts, as well as some as he he claimed was Ash of Vader.

Years later, Kylo Ren and Phasma went to Jakku to find the map to Luke Skywalker, to kill him once and for all. They harassed an old man, Lor San Tekka, but he pissed Ren off, so Kylo killed him.

Personality and Traits Edit

He's an emo.

Appearances Edit

Too many episodes of Dr. Phil