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It's a few years old, but low mileage. A little old lady owned it.

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The landspeeder, otherwise known as the bantha-less carriage (if you were old and wrinkly), was the single greatest invention in the history of getting from one place to another... on the same planet, with no intervening oceans, provided there were relatively flat surfaces in between.

Granted, in a galaxy full of starships, the ability to travel on the ground was somewhat unimpressive. But that fails to take into account the most important advantage to owning a landspeeder as opposed to a starship: it's cheaper. And you can buy them used. For one thing, people are constantly leaving them behind because they eventually save up enough money to buy a starship and leave the planet. And you can't take the landspeeder with you. Unless the starship you buy is a landspeeder-hauling freighter.

If leaving the planet isn't a high priority on your list, but you need to travel someplace higher than a meter off the ground, you could try investing in an airspeeder instead.

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