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"'Good morning; good morning!' the Commander said
When we met him last week on our way to the line.
Now the pilots he smiled at are most of 'em dead,
and we're cursing his staff for incompetent swine.
'He's a cheery old card,' grunted Peshk to Dack
as they slogged up to Borleias with blaster and pack.
But he did for them all with his plan of attack.
―Gavin Darklighter, The Planetary Assault of the Light Brigade

Laryn Kre'fey was a military genius run-of-the-mill commander, easy to get along with and remembered by both friends and foes as a gentlefurry. His one other endearing quality was his Bothan heritage, which made him a popular figure among the ranks of the New Republic, particularly after he died a heroic death like a punk during the first, failed assault on Borleias.


His exemplary leadership later inspired starfighter pilot Gavin Darklighter to compose the epic poem of the second half of the Galactic Civil War, entitled The Planetary Assault of the Light Brigade. In it, Darklighter described what it was like to serve with such a figure, as well as his influence on the war against the Galactic Empire's second, suckier half. The poem finished with a rousing description of what it was like to have relations with a female of the same species.

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