The lethal Jawa killing virus was a disease designed to kill Jawas. It was created by Taun Kiwi for the owners of DroidShack™ so it could be fitted into a product to protect droids from Jawa clones on Tatooine.

Lethal virus blasterEdit

The lethal Jawa virus was put into a small capsule in a specially designed blaster that was trade marked by DroidShack™. It was then sold at 38 credits per blaster, and 10 credits for a refill of 10 capsules. Some were given out for free at DroidShack™ stores when bought with items totaling to 50 credits or more. DroidShack™ also did live demonstrations on captured Jawas.


The Lethal Jawa virus was tested in a secret facility on Tatooine, it was found that the virus needed to be tested weekly to ensure that the Jawas did not become immune to the virus. To ensure that Jawas were not wiped out, as this would make the product useless, Taun Kiwi ordered a small number of the clone army of Jawas to be given to him via his sister, Taun We. This Clone Army was requested by the Jawas to help steal more droids, therefore both products (the Jawa droid army and the lethal Jawa killing virus) relied on each other to sell. As the virus could be fitted into weaponry capable of being used by droids, a large war erupted on Tatooine known as the Jawa clone and droid war. Many of the dead Jawas used in testing were thrown into large vats of blue die and grinded into blue milk.

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