Looks like he got a big one!

Lightsaber fishing was the strange way of using the lightsaber that wasn't actually a form of combat, but a form of survival for hungry Jedi on planets with water or in the space itself. The Jedi only had to ignite their lightsaber and put it down and wait for an edible creature to bite it and die. Several Jedi used it during the Clone Wars, despite Grand Master Yoda disapproving of it because he was so small that the creature would eat him.

When Luke Skywalker confronted Darth Vader on Bespin, he had been waiting him practicing this technique, although he couldn't eat anything because of that heavy black armor.

Luke practiced lightsaber fishing sometimes in the New Jedi Order, claiming things tasted better thus, and that being a master in this is why he married Mara Jade.

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