Having discovered oatmeal to be the trap! that it is, Admiral Ackbar devoted that last bit of energy he had as an old g33zer towards the production of several successful children's Bweakfast foowd pwoducts, that still line the walls of Galactic supermarkets even today. The following is a list of said products in order of production, with a brief explanation following each.

List of Admiral Ackbar Breakfast Food ProductsEdit

  1. Admiral Ackbar Cereal - Fortified with marshmallows, imitation crab meat, and brine shrimp, Your tongues can't repel flavor of that magnitude!
  2. Admiral Ackbar Flakes - Contrary to how it sounds, this cereal contains no dandruff or skin sheddings only loads more of flaky seafood based morning breakfast cereal fun!
  3. Admiral Ackbar Bombs - Like the flakes, only shaped like bombs! Woohoo!
  4. Admiral Ackbar Drops - Um..little drops of seafood based liquorice added to an already successful formula!
  5. Admiral Ackbar Bangs - Like the bombs only a more explosive taste!
  6. Admiral Ackbar Mates - With cereal bits shaped like Ackbar's shipmates!
  7. Admiral Ackbar Humps - Admiral Ackbar Cereal with all the fun of camels (not the cigarettes)!
  8. Admiral Ackbar Shags -Uh, Shreaded fish thins that look like shag rugs!
  9. Admiral Ackbar Rapes -Oy- With a rapeseed based cereal!
  10. Admiral Ackbar Cums - Umm...Added kumquat flavoring? Yay!
  11. Admiral Ackbar Molests - Um, okay...aha!- Help Admiral Ackbar rid Mon calamari of pesky MOLusk pESTS by eating them up in this brand new Admiral Ackbar Cereal, the type of truly wholesome cereal for innocent little kids to enjoy, produced by a trully wholesome company! (In Your Face!)
  12. Admiral Ackbar Masturbates to Vivid Rape Fantasies Involving Unconstrained Butt-sex With Twilek-Goat Hybrids While watching Darth Vader Wrestle Palpatine in the Nude - Fortified with 8 essential vitamins and your kids daily dose of dietary fibre!
  13. Grand Admiral Ackbar Cereal - In production. In stores as soon as that buffoon gets a promotion.
  14. Admiral Ackbar Fish Sticks- "Ackbar's Fish Sticks from the sea, they cook so tender and flak-e! whip some up for you and me, to pass em' up is a big-mistak-e, Yeah!
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