"The standard Imperial-class Star Destroyer: 174,000 design flaws waiting to be exploited"
―Rebel axiom

The following is a list of Imperial Star Destroyers that, at any given time, were completely and totally owned by either the Rebel Alliance or New Republic. It's amazing, really, how many of these went down...all one had to do was toss a few well-placed proton torpedoes or concussion missiles at their bridge towers (the Imperials may as well have painted "WEAK SPOT" in red ten-meter-tall letters on those things) or sneak a bomb into their holds.

Even excluding the countless other capital ships, smaller warships, freighters, shuttles, transports and starfighters that were blown up or captured, this listing is far from exhaustive and nowhere near complete. Please add any other instances that you know or have heard of when a Star Destroyer was crushed.

This list is, of course, in no particular order.
Star Destroyer Method of Ownership
Invincible (Imperial I-class) Bomb in the basement
Undauntable (Imperial I-class) Rebel saboteur, in full view of the Death Star
Tyranny (Imperial I-class) Suffered heavy damage from Rebel Corellian Corvettes, survived (barely)
Five unnamed Star Destroyers Rebel ramship through their bridge towers
Conquerer (Imperial-class) Trapped and owned
Vengence (Executor-class) Overwhelming numbers of Rebel fighters
Corruptor (Imperial II-class) Proton torpedoes to the bridge tower
Executor (Executor-class) Owned by a suicidal A-wing, smacked into the Death Star
Accusor (Imperial I-class) Surrendered at Endor after the Death Star went kablooie
Tyrant (Imperial I-class) Owned by ion cannon at Hoth, surrendered at Endor; became Leia's bitch
Allegiance (Mini Super-class) Cannon barrage to the bridge tower
Devastator (Imperial I-class) Owned by Rebel starfighters at Endor
Fi (Imperial II-class) Completely and utterly vaporized by Admiral Ackbar's forces
Lusankya (Executor-class) Lured into trap by Rouge Squadron, pounded by X-wings and freighters until submission
Virulence (Imperial II-class) Fooled into surrendering by Booster Terrik, became Errant Venture
Implacable (Imperial II-class) Lured into a trap by Wraith Squadron, proton torpedoes to the power core
Razor's Kiss (Executor-class) TIE interceptor laser shots to the bridge tower, proton torpedoes to the hull
Red Gauntlet (Imperial I-class) Owned by Han Solo's fleet, surrendered
Iron Fist (Executor-class) Concussion missile to the bridge tower, owned by Hapan Battle Dragons
Peremptory (Imperial I-class) Ion cannoned, then owned by old Katana fleet dreadnought
Hydra (Imperial I-class) Sun Crusher to the bridge tower
Manticore (Imperial I-class) Vaporized by Kyp Durron
Basilisk (Imperial I-class) Incomplete Mon Calamari Star Cruiser to the bridge tower
Gorgon (Imperial I-class) Picked apart by New Republic forces, dismantled by Harrsk for parts
Magic Dragon (Imperial I-class) Flew into a black hole while Grand Admiral Miltin Takel was high on weed.
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