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"She...she was the heart of the team, man! The HEART of the TEAM!! <sobs>"
―Corran Horn, on Lujayne's inevitable murder

Lujayne Forge was a cute little Human woman from that spicy rock who enlisted with the New Republic's Rouge Squadron. BUT SHE WAS THE HEART OF THE TEAM! She wasn't the best pilot in the galaxy, and only barely managed to achieve the necessary marks to endure the privilege of being a Rogue Rouge. BUT SHE WAS THE HEART OF THE TEAM! She accused ace pilot Corran Horn of treating her differently due to her being from Kessel, and of course she was right because Horn was a colossal egotist. BUT SHE WAS THE HEART OF THE TEAM!

Later, she went on to become the heart and soul of the squadron, arranging their social calenders while she made sweet, tender love blasted a few TIE fighters in a few inconsequential fights. BUT SHE WAS THE HEART OF THE TEAM! She was also the first casualty of the newly re-formed unit, when stormtroopers tried to invade the Rouges' base with the intent of assassinating the glorious pilots when they were out of their badass X-wings—basically, the only way the Galactic Empire could have ever hoped to do so. BUT SHE WAS THE HEART OF THE TEAM! So yeah, it was inevitable that, as the most sympathetic character in Stackpole's Squadron, she would also be the first to die a horrible death. BUT SHE WAS THE HEART OF THE TEAM!

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Behind the scenesEdit

The author of this article had to be restrained for his own good shortly afterward, as he had begun to shout incoherently, thrashing about and sobbing at the top of his voice. It's really quite pathetic, you know, he's making a frightful exhibition of himself. Best to move along or you might get a bit of spittle on you...

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