"My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips and if I'm lucky you just might give it a little kiss!!"
Luke Skywalker is The real Slim Shady

Luke's stinky ass.... I wonder if he ever wipes.... Its a very smelly ass, and the only ass in the galaxy that is never wiped. Luke ("Lukie Puky") says he uses the force to wipe it, but there is long runny diarrhea running all over it and smelly stink waves coming out all over it, and he has a nasty, cancerous mole on it that oozes puss. There is also a lot of hair on it.

He also has a tattoo of Mara Jade on it, and a tattoo of Anakin saying I'm your pa on it. This is why he is renamed Luke by Darth Lucas.
We don't like Luke, do we? Luke's ass is normal in color, except for the brown streaks of poo and the large, cancerous mole.... and the tattoos.... and it is normal (well, a little small maybe) in size..... Anyway, that about describes his ass.

Luke sometimes moons Sith in public with his ass, who usually get disgusted and chop their own head off. Many unfortunate Sith Lords have died this way. Lord Vader himself has seen Luke's ass sticking out the window, and his highness the Emperor can assure us of the fact that his ass is gross as well.

Ways his butt could be improvedEdit

He could go see a medic, He could get the gerbil out, he could actually WIPE! etc.... AND HE COULD STOP MOONING DARTH VADER!!!! That way, our Lord Vader, would not have to Destroy his planet. Darth Vader thinks that Luke's butt should be amputated, whereas the Emperor thinks that Luke should simply wipe. But, Darth Revan thinks that Luke should go into self-imposed exile, because of his butt. I Darth Darth Binks don't really have an opinion. I just think Luke should go away, meesa thinking. And go get that mole removed, itsa lookin' bombad....


Some people believed Luke kept his ass as nasty as possible on purpose. It is speculated that when he found his daddy's ass in Ben Kenobi's crib on Tatooine, he vowed no one would ever take his ass for a ride.

Behind the scenesEdit

Poo of course.... intestines and stuff... guts... body parts... kidneys... liver... skin... When he farts, it will kill you very violently He once had to have a gerbil surgically removed from his ass... nobody knows why, and Luke denies it ever happened, of course.
Anyway, Luke is a liar, so don't believe him.

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