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Lyn Me was a female Twi'lek dancer and backup singer who performed with the Max Rebo Band.


Lyn Me was a young girl on Ryloth when slavers attacked her village. The villagers hired Boba Fett to kill the slavers, which he did. Lyn Me became a Boba Fett fangirl after he rescued her and some other Twi'lek kids from a burning school.

She studied traditional Twi'lek dance growing up and eventually Max Rebo recruited her for his band, creatively titled the Max Rebo Band. The band got a job playing at Jabba's Palace. Lyn Me didn't like it and wanted to quit the band but she stayed when she found out Boba Fett did jobs for Jabba the Hutt. Eventually she did see Boba Fett again and got to perform for him. He liked her performance and said they'd meet again. But then he got swallowed by the sarlacc. Lyn Me was really sad. Then she was mad. She swore revenge against Luke Skywalker and friends.

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