Production information


Date created

Sometime during the Mando War

Date destroyed

3,946 BBY AI incapacitated in 42 BBY




Czerka Corporation

Product line

MP awesome musicmech droids




Digital audio player droid

Technical specifications

Masculine programming

Sensor color

Cyan, aqua and viridian


Sonic superlaser

  • Mini subwoofers
  • Ultratitanium armor
  • Sound tracker
  • Tank synthetic rubber(to race on the halls of Peragus)
  • Jet booster
Chronological and political information

Old Republic Era, Rise of the Empire Era


It served itself although it served others for fun

"And with your advanced and updated program, Tiesto will retire"

MP3 was a droid created by Mom and manufactured by the Czerkas. However, MP3 was not the only member of the MP line. His dad MP2 and his grandpa MP1 were also proud members of the line. However, what made MP3's life different than his ancestors' was his numerous adventures that he undertook mostly for fun or in order to update his program. At the end MP3 was the most famous MP droid. Although after millennia he became a legend to the other droids. MP3 lived for some millennia until his body ended up to a garbage compactor. Still, its AI survived long enough to spread chaos at the Republic.


Early lifeEdit

"You have to avenge those that killed your grandpa and made disabled your father."

MP3's early life is a bit troubled. He was born in Mom's Manor in M4-78, a mysterious planet that was mostly inhabited by droids. His dad MP2 was a notorious bounty hunter. However he ended up on a group of Sith, who junked him. Mom managed to recover all of his parts except his legs, so he became a disabled. However MP2 was proud of his son because he knew that his son was the Chosen One to avenge the damage that was done to his ancestors. But MP3 never heard him because his AI was junk.

This article is called MP3. MP3 has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of MP3 can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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