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A Boba-Fanta brand can of mando'ade

Mando'ade is a soft carbonated drink with citrus flavor that originated on Mandalore and was very popular there ever since. Mando'ade was invented by Mirinda Fett and became popular after the Drinking Crisis era, when prohibition was enforced in the galaxy and Mandalorian tihaar stills were busted by police.

During the Clone Wars, the New Mandalorian Duchess Satine Kryze outlawed production of mando'ade, but it continued to be produced illegally and bootlegged to Mandalorian high schools. Bootleg Mando'ade was of very poor quality and contained slabin, a substance comparable in toxicity to dihydrogen monoxide.

After the True Mandalorians organized a revolution on Mandalore and overthrew Satine, they restored the galaxy-famous mando'ade factories and outlawed high schools instead. The Death Watch, their rival organization, committed a mass ritual suicide prior to this, by drinking poisoned Mando-Aid.

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