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Mara Jade strikes a pose for Vader. Luke was the next man.

Mara: "Mmm... you're as good a ride as he was...."
Luke: "Who?"
Mara: "Palpatine."
— Luke and Mara's first time in bed[src]

Mara Jade Skywalker, or Red, was a very sexy redheaded human female. She partied with both sides of the Force. Luke Skywalker eventually married her (SCORE!) and they had one son together (SCHWING!). Through unknown means, she managed to stay blazing hot well into her 50s before Kyle Katarn killed Luke and had 25 children with her that all became hot redheaded Jedi. Mara Jade died in 1982 (CRAP!). Later on Darth Evil thought that the galaxy shouldn't have to bare without her and knocked herself up. Reborn Mara was hotter than ever (SWEET!) and Luke was hornyer than ever. (DOUBLE CRAP!)


Mara Jade in her late 50s

Behind the scenesEdit

Fans have suggested that things happened between Red and almost every character she shares pagetime with. No-one is quite sure if this is more of a commentary on the fans, or on the character....

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