Marijuana, symbolized on a merchant logo

Boss: "Dude, I got the new Beskarman, featuring a total of 987,234 tools!"
Fordo: "You really should stop smoking that shit."
Boss and Fordo while off-duty

Grown on temperate planets throughout the galaxy, marijuana (also known as hemp, weed, pot, grass, Mary Jane, sticky icky, and purple sticky punch) was a very popular plant, and not just for its many practical uses, such as making rope. Until the rise of the New Republic, it was illegal almost everywhere, except Holland. Smoke inhaled from dried leaves made people feel grooooooooooooooovy...


Marijuana was first discovered approximately twelve thousand years prior to the Battle of Yavin by an ancestor of Dearth Nadir. Considered an "illicit smoking vegetable" by the Galactic Republic, it was still outlawed throughout known space after the rise of the New Order. The planet Alderaan, known for its 8,000 distinct species of grass which grew on that world's large, verdant plains, was rumored to have been targeted by the Death Star, in order to halt the illegal trade in marijuana. It was, supposedly, this green mercantilism which helped to finance the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

After the defeat of the Empire, the New Republic decriminalized marijuana, making it legal to possess in small quantities and to use recreationally, but not for commercial growing and trafficking. Due to the ease with which the plant could be grown, most citizens didn't have to worry about supply. Thus, marijuana was often considered a low-cost option to purchasing and imbibing in more hardcore drugs, such as spice or death sticks. Dagobah Green was a particularly potent subspecies, which was found on the swampy world of Dagobah. This extra-strength variety remained illegal, however.


"What was that? You say the Rebels have infiltrated the base? (beat) Eh, let the troopers take care of it, I'm busy eating."
―An Imperial officer, high on duty

The typical use of marijuana involved drying out the budding flowers of the female plant and rolling them into a joint, which was smoked. In addition to general euphoria, this produced a profound sense of lethargy and/or apathy, forgetfulness, as well as a general sense of not giving a shit. The drug also produced a voracious appetite in the smoker; in some cases, species such as the Chadra-Fan, after smoking a joint, would then possess the appetite of a full-grown Hutt.

Known potheadsEdit

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