The Mass PWN Generator was a Weapon of Mass PWN4GE.


"Holy Shi..."
―Pretty much everyone's last words on Malachor V

The Mass PWN Generator, as its name suggests, massively PWN3D anyone and anything that was on the same planet as the weapon, just prior to almost instantly destroying said planet in a massive cataclysm. It did this by rabidly amplifying the planet's gravity field, essentially crushing it within the grip of a giant, invisible fist belonging to Kyle Katarn.


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Sadly Bao-Dur, the device's inventor, was not smart enough to fit it with a remote detonation device in order for the guy who activated it to survive. Subsequently, they had to find someone stupid enough to activate it while standing on the planet, which surprisingly...uhhh...they didn't (pretty unbelievable eh?). So the thing was never activated, making it a big waste of time and credits. *sob*.

Wait a minute, what the hell are you talking about? The Jedi Exile ordered it activated at Malachor V in order to PWN the Mandalorians! And boy, did she ever succeed...