"Mandalore, may you rest in pieces like your predecesors"
―Mandalorian Priest during yet another Mandalore funeral

Located in the desert on Mandalore, the Mausoleum of the Mandalores was home to the corpses of countless Mandalorian leaders who died in battle and had passed on to Walhalla.

After a few centuries the Mandalorians had to expand their holy structure since many Mandalores died in battle. Also home for more festive celebrations such as Mandalorian weddings and Mandalorian Baptisms where a Mandalorian priest would baptize a Mandalorian newborn with blood of some Schmuck that fell victim to a Mandalorian warrior.

Behind the scenesEdit

Not all Mandalores were laid to rest in this tomb since some Mandalores got PWN3D utterly and were destroyed beyond salvage.

Mandalore the Unintelligible was also not honored by his people to receive a place in the mausoleum. This was because he was a kriffing Gungan.

Mausoleum of the Mandalores in ancient times

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