The Max Bros. (from left to right): Greedo, Rebo, Gonzo, and Watto

Max Rebo was the stage name of galactically renowned musician and Turd Rebo. He was known for his involvement with The Max Bros. and later and more famously for a band named after him: The Max Rebo Band.


Rebo began his life as one of five brothers including the well known Watto, Gonzo, and Greedo. He was introduced to the stage at an early life by his brother Watto when together they formed The Max Bros comedic ensemble. The group quickly split apart when Watto went off in search of better things.

Rebo, who ironically never spoke in any of their holomovies, was discovered drunk and singing by Jigga, father of Poopa the Hutt. Jigga, whose obesity could destroy a planet was pleased at how Rebo's drunken wailing soothed his own overstuffed Huttean belly and offered to let him perform for the Hutts, alongside Sy Snootles, in exchange for bootlegged Milky Way bars. Rebo quickly accepted.

Rebo would remain in service to the Hutts for many years, retaining his stage name and starting the Max Rebo Band. Working with the Hutts afforded him many opportunities (once he got over the smell) like meeting hot Twi'lek groupies or a gig at the Super Carbonite Rave Party. The remaining details of this period remain to be gathered.....

For most of his life Rebo also managed, quite skillfully to avoid his brothers, until finally he was obliged to meet them for his youngest brother's funeral. There he was forced to perform once more as a Max Brother as a tribute to Greedo. However, it was quickly revealed that Watto had plagiarized the lyrics for their song and the brothers disbanded for the last time. Rebo would later claim that he was not there at all, instead it was the Ortolan named Frog-Buster playing his part (Rebo had a notable resemblance to Ortolans).

Rebo has promised to lead a string quartet for the Sith if they destroyed his planet.

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