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"Why did this have to happen?! WHY?!? WHY?!? WHY!?!?!"
―A survivor of the Holocaust

Also known simply as Mewtwo, this...thing...was supposed to be the result of a genetic "experiment" conducted by the Galactic Empire to produce the ultimate in Force-sensitive attack creature. Based on Coruscant, the project instead resulted in the creation of a malfunctioning killing machine that subsequently went batshit insane. The beast was unstoppable, succumbing only to the massed fire of an orbital bombardment that killed hundreds. The massacre claimed the lives of an entire legion of stormtroopers and an unknown number of civilians and scientists, with total casualties estimated to exceed ten thousand deaths and perhaps three times that number in wounded. The incident would come to be known as the Great Pokémon Holocaust.

After liberating the planet, the New Republic erected a monument to all those lost, soldier and citizen alike.

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