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Michael Dweb Suarez was the first Dork Lord of the Sith. He believed he knew everything about Darth Revan and that everyone else was wrong. It should be noted that he shared the same first name, middle name, and last initial with Michael Dweb Suttle a.k.a. SuperShadow. (Suspicious.)

Poor, Pathetic LifeEdit


"It's unglier than I had thoughten."
George Lucas

When George Lucas decided to put clones in Episode II, he decided to make a clone of Yo Mama in order to prove that Human cloning was possible (everything in Star Wars must be scientifically possible; that's why there are Midi-chlorians). The result was Michael Dweb Suarez.

Had too much humor? Who are you kidding? You can never get enough of it! Go check out the Star Wars Fanon Wiki's other article on User:Michaeldsuarez where you will find the real definition of Star Wars humor.
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