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Mist Hunter

Metro company

Technical specifications

15 meters on the outside, bigger on the inside.


Personal ship of Zuckus


Over 60


Rise of the new order


15 ABY, Csilla command ship.

Known owner(s)
"You call that a starship? It looks like a bunch of rawwk eggs stuck together with spacetape!"

The Mist Hunter was a very small G-1A transport owned by Zuckuss. Or, at least that was what he was told when he bought it. The Mist Hunter's outward appearance was rather small, no bigger than an X-wing, though its interior was quite spacious. This anomaly was because the Mist Hunter was actually a TARDIS, capable of transversing time and space if Zuckuss knew how to set its engine computers to do so. The exterior design, due to a broken chameleon circuit, was unable to be altered to better blend in with the ship's surroundings. However, since starfighters were very much commonplace, then such a mechanical failure could easily be overlooked.

The Mist Hunter was originally a prototype TARDIS and was sold to Zuckuss under the pretense that he was insane. If Zuckuss did somehow manage to use the ship for time-travel, who would believe him anyway? The obvious size discrepancy between the interior and exterior, due to the ship's transcendental engineering, was promptly explained away as just an illusion. Though, Zuckuss did once take advantage of it by cramming over 90 Rodian emigrants onto the ship in order to smuggle them offworld. The ship was parked aboard Csilla command while Zuckuss worked for Thrawn 2. When csilla command was attacked, the command bridge was blown up and Zuckuss was killed. Later , the entire Csilla command ship was destroyed, and the mist hunter along with it.

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