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"Don't be a thrass"
―Common Chiss saying

Mitth'ras'safis was Mitth'raw'nuruodo's brother. Mitth'ras'safis made a great effort to keep his core name a secret for understandable reasons. You see, you make a Chiss core name by taking the little section between the apostrophes along with the one or two letters on either side. So in Mitth'raw'nuruodo's case, you would get "Thrawn".
And in Mitth'ras'safis' case, you would get...Thrass. Every time Thrawn would introduce his brother at Chiss and Imperial press conferences, the entire audience would break out in laughter. This went on until he helped Lorana Jinzler and Jorj Car'das hijack Outbound Flight, saving the galaxy by preventing Chaf'orm'bintrano from capturing it. Thrass later met his brother once again, when he returned to command the fragmented Empire. Thrawn gave Thrass the role of commander of a star destroyer in his Empire. Thrass was present for most of Thrawns campaigns, until his Star destroyer was blown up, causing Thrass to flee to the planet below in an escape pod.

Thrass was believed dead by the Empire along with his crew. Thrass was trapped on Rodia when he met the cousin of the Bount hunter Greedo, named Breedo. The pair left Rodia. Aboard Breedo's ship to capture a bounty for bruha the hutt. They tracked their bounty, a Human named Pasha, to the planet Biss. They then discovered that Pasha was a Jedi and Bruha wanted to sell him to the Empire. Pasha was part of a order of non-jedi individuals who gave up their jedi ways to hide from Vader and the original Empire. Pasha was the last survivor after many of his friends were either killed or fell to the dark side. Breedo still wanted to take Pasha to Jabba and get paid. Thrass agreed to help Pasha escape but only if Pasha paid him. Pasha paid him and Thrass let him escape in his ship. Thrass then told Breedo the kid had overpowerd him and stole their ship. Breedo bought a new ship and they went to Nal Hutta to tell Bruha of the Pashas escape. Bruha was furious and demanded the execution of both Breedo and Thrass. If was at this point that Nal Hutta was attacked but Tharwns fleet. Breedo and Thrass fled Bruhas palace as it was destroyed and tried to reach their ship, Breedo boarded but it was hit by a Tie defenders laser and destroyed, killing Breedo. Thrass fled into the swamps as the city in Nal Hutta was destroyed. Thrass would be Found by a search team led by Roman no and brough to Thrawn. Thrass told his brother about his years of hunting bountys with Breedo. Thrawn then took in down to the hanger, where he shot his brother in head, killing him. Thrass's body was ejected into space and eaten by mynocks.

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